About Us

The Natural Slate Company specialises in the quarrying and production of the highest quality slate and stone products, for roofing, flooring and paving. These are sourced from many countries including China, Brazil, India, Spain, and the UK.

We pride ourselves on supplying only the best materials and as we are able to supply slates from many countries, we are able to provide unbiased advice on the most suitable product for your project.

We ensure all our products are sourced from reputable quarries with good working conditions and can guarantee no children are used in the manufacture. We have yearly checks from major UK builders merchants who go to the quarry and factories in China to ensure the workers have good working conditions and most importantly a safe working environment.

Our staff can answer any technical queries regarding roofing. We are also able to provide full technical advice and back-up on all flooring and paving queries.

The Natural Slate Company and the Environment

Dam 1 - heavy sediment
Dam 2 - Light sediment
Dam 3 - Suspended particles
Long aqueduct to take censure clean water flows to villages during building of dams
Close up - aqueduct
Good working conditions
Gifts for productive workers
Slate monument in town centre
Slate building for workers